Sunday, February 19, 2017

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Poll Choices(2/19/17-2/24/17)

This is where I`d try to have some catchy opening sentence,but since I don`t have one this week,I`ll just tell you that it`s time to vote:)
                                                                      Kourtney Kardashian

                                                                AnnaSophia Robb

                                                                    Emily Blunt

                                                                   Lindsay Lohan

Michelle Trachtenberg`s Legs and Feet in Tights 20

It`s "past winners" week on the poll tonight to determine who gets her second three-post weekend
Here`s the final post for Michelle Trachtenberg`s first,but definitely not last,three-post weekend

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jaymee Sire`s Legs and Feet in Tights

Michelle Trachtenberg won the poll this week,and the first of her three posts this weekend will be up tonight
But for now,here`s ESPN babe Jaymee Sire making her blog debut.A link to the originating video can be found at the end of the post

Milla Jovovich`s Legs and Feet in Tights 6

The always-sexy pantyhosed legs and feet of Milla Jovovich return to the blog