Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Michelle Trachtenberg`s Legs and Feet in Tights 16

As of tomorrow and for the foreseeable future,Thursdays are gonna be one-post only days,with the post going up in the evening.
Here`s some more sexy Michelle Trachtenberg pantyhose close-ups

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Julia Roberts` Legs and Feet in Tights 2

Not a big post,but some new Julia Roberts pics for you to enjoy

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Poll Choices(10/23/16-10/28/16)

It`s not Miller time,it`s not Morphin` time,it`s not Howdy Doody time,it`s voting time!
                                                                          Miley Cyrus

                                                                       Geena Davis

                                                                     Kristen Bell

                                                                   Milla Jovovich