Sunday, August 19, 2018

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Poll Choices(8/19/18-8/24/18)

Two quick notes..
1.The daytime post for tomorrow will be a "Best of" post.The evening post will be brand new.I should note that I have received numerous requests the past two days for a certain type of Best of post whenever I got around to doing one again.So,I`m going to do it tomorrow.It`s also gonna be a very timely one too;)
2.According to the mini-poll for this week,people like to see their celebrity feet in tights without shoes.I should also add I`m gonna make the mini-polls a once-in-a-while thing because I realized I don`t have enough questions to make it a weekly thing.
But the main poll will always be every week,and here are your choices for it this week..
                                               Going for weekend No.1..Kristen Bell

                                                  Going for weekend No.2...Miley Cyrus

                                                  Going for weekend No.3....Rachel Bilson

                                                   Going for weekend No.4..Scarlett Johansson

                                                 Going for weekend No.5...Melissa Benoist

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Christie Brinkley`s Legs and Feet in Tights 10-NO SHOES

As always,it`ll be voting time tonight
But now a couple quick pics of Christie Brinkley in pantyhose,and without shoes,to conclude her first three-post weekend.These come from a 2011 episode of "Good Morning America",but unfortunately I couldn`t find a clip of it anywhere.If I ever come across it,I`ll put any pics from it on the blog

Christie Brinkley`s Legs and Feet in Tights 9-NO SHOES

Christie Brinkley`s back tomorrow afternoon
She`s also shoeless in the first pic of this post

Friday, August 17, 2018

Melissa Benoist`s Legs in Tights/Pantyhose 38

Christie Brinkley is back tonight,but for right now we have a new post featuring the Supergirl of Pantyhose,Melissa Benoist

Christie Brinkley`s Legs and Feet in Tights 8

This week`s mini-poll question..what are your favorite type of pics to see on this blog:Shoeless feet or upskirts?You have until Sunday evening to let the world know:)
Now onto this..
I like to think that in the first pic of this post,that`s how Christie Brinkley reacted when she found out she was going to have a three-post weekend on this blog,and also the fact that she qualified for the 2018 Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Pantyhose Queen poll later this year.
She`s back tomorrow evening,btw:)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Catherine Sutherland`s Legs and Feet in Tights

We`re on the brink...of a Christie Brinkley weekend which will begin tonight
But for now,as I mentioned last night,I was planning to do a post of former Power Ranger Catherine Sutherland(who played Katherine,the Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-the first half of Power Rangers Turbo),so I figured why not do it now:)
These pics come from the Zeo episode "Every Dog Has its Day".There were a lot of nice close-up pics of her pantyhosed legs and feet in this episode

Nakia Burrise`s Legs and Feet in Tights

Here`s another entrant in the "Obscure random celebrity you probably never expected to see on this blog" category.
Nakia Burrise is an actress best known for playing Tanya,the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo and the first half of Power Rangers Turbo.She`s also done a lot of commercials as of late.I had a crush on her back in the day,and she looked damn good in pantyhose when she wore them on the show(along with Catherine Sutherland,who played the Pink Ranger.I have plans to put her on the blog very soon as well)
These are screencaps(not great ones),and they come from the Zeo episodes "Trust in Me" and "Rock-A-Bye Rangers" respectively