Sunday, August 30, 2015

Maria Menounos` Legs and Feet in Tights 9

As I mentioned last night,the poll this week will be different.Next weekend will be the one-year anniversary of this blog(I am also celebrating the one-year anniversary of DivaTights next weekend too..visit that blog for more information).Saturday and Sunday,there will be best of pics dedicated to the best close-ups of legs and feet in both black and colored tights.However on Labor Day,one celebrity will have an entire Best Of post dedicated to close-up pics of her in both black and/or colored tights.There will be six choices,all consisting of some of the most popular celebs on this blog:Jessica Alba,Kim Kardashian,Jennifer Aniston,Anne Hathaway,Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift.This post will be rather lengthy and will probably have pics from every post the winner has appeared in(and knowing how many posts Jessica Alba has had here,that post alone could probably fill an entire page).
But that`s not all....the other two posts will consist of celebrities of your choosing.As stated,the winner of the poll gets an entire post to herself Labor Day,but the remaining five choices will appear in the weekend posts,along with anyone else from this blog you want to see that`s not in the poll.Simply email me,leave a comment,or post your request on my Google Plus page(the post related to this will be up tonight when voting begins).You can make requests for multiple celebs as well:).Voting will end at 8AM ET/5AM PT on Saturday morning.However,you can make requests until the first of the three special posts goes up later that day
Here`s the third and final of the Maria Menounos posts for the weekend,and it starts this three-post day

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