Saturday, September 5, 2015

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Anniversary Spectacular-Black Tights

Tommorow`s first post(which will be of new content)will be up between 3-4 PM ET/12-1PM PT.The second post of the day will be the colored tights post.I also added an "Anniversary" label so you can find this post easily:)
Here`s some of the best close-ups of celebrities legs and/or feet in black opaque tights,many of whom were chosen by you(and a special thank you to those who emailed or private messaged me their requests).In order are Hilary Duff,Jessica Biel,Stacy Keibler,Lisa Kudrow,Teri Hatcher,Lindsay Lohan,Bryce Dallas Howard,Kim Kardashian,Kat Dennings,Katy Perry,Jessica Chastain,Jennifer Garner,Amanda Seyfried,Cheryl Cole,Kate Middleton,Kirsten Dunst,Leona Lewis,Jennifer Aniston,Jennifer Hudson,Sandra Bullock,Lauren Conrad,Jordin Sparks,Scarlett Johansson,Pippa Middleton,Blake Lively,Cameron Diaz,Amanda Peet,Michelle Trachtenberg,Amy Jo Johnson,Anne Hathaway,Jennifer Lawrence,Mandy Moore,Miley Cyrus,AnnaSophia Robb,Maria Menounos,Katie Holmes,Nicole Kidman,Zooey Deschanel,Paris Hilton,Cheryl Hines,Jamie Chung,Heidi Klum,Victoria Justice,Kate Beckinsale,Natasha Lyonne,Emma Watson,Kristen Stewart,Julianne Moore,Jordana Brewster,Jessica Simpson and Emily Blunt



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