Sunday, September 6, 2015

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Anniversary Spectacular-Colored Tights

The Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift posts will be up tomorrow.However,there is no set time for them(it`s Labor Day and I will be with the family most of the day tomorrow).They will either be up in the afternoon or evening.If both posts are individual(which it`s looking like they will be),they`ll be published back-to-back within a minute of each other.
But until sometime`s an assortment of celebrity legs and feet encased in colored tights.In order(mostly alphabetically,no less!)are Adele,Alessandra Ambrosio,Amber Tamblyn,Amy Jo Johnson,Andie MacDowell,Anna Friel,AnnaSophia Robb,Aubrey Plaza,Avril Lavigne,Bella Thorne,Christie Brinkley,Debra Messing,Dianna Agron,Elisabeth Hasselbeck,Elisha Cuthbert,Elle Fanning,Ellen Page,Emma Roberts,Emma Watson,Eva Mendes,Giada DeLaurentiis,Gwyneth Paltrow,Heather Thomas,Hilary Duff,Jennifer Aniston,Janice Dickinson,Julia Stiles,Kirstie Alley,Lauren Conrad,Lea Michele,Lisa Kudrow,Liv Tyler,Lucy Lawless,Megan Fox,Michelle Trachtenberg,Mischa Barton,Nicki Minaj,Pamela Anderson,Parker Posey,Rose McIver,Sara Barellis,Sarah Jessica Parker,Selena Gomez,Summer Glau,Tara Reid,Tori Amos,Tori Spelling,Tyra Banks,Uma Thurman,Vanessa Hudgens and Wendy Williams

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