Sunday, September 13, 2015

I`m More Ways Than One

I have returned from my recent trip out of town for my relative`s wedding,and the blogs are back as well.
I just got the blogs back online a short time ago.I returned home this afternoon around noon and decided to crash for a couple hours before getting things ready for the posts I planned on putting up tonight.However,when I tried to get online I noticed everything was down.
I contacted a friend of mine who follows the blogs(I know him face-to-face)and asked how long they were down as I hadn`t been online since Wednesday.He told me he had been on them earlier in the day yesterday but they were gone in the afternoon.So I believe everything went down in the afternoon.
I  upgraded my computer to Windows 10 on Wednesday and my guess is that might have had something to do with it(I`m not sure though).Whatever the reason,the blogs are all back online now and I`m going to see if everything else connected to my account is OK too.Expect new updates tonight(along with new polls)between 7-8PM ET/4-5PM PT.
I sincerely apologize for the downtime.

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  1. welcome chat with strange happened in good welcome face but missed seeing the legs of clabridades and divas