Saturday, September 5, 2015

Parker Posey`s Legs and Feet in Tights

Well,the dust has settled.The poll is over.Your winner is Jessica,it`s Taylor Swift.Actually,it`s both(as I predicted last night).So,Monday they will both be getting "Best Of" posts.But what kind of posts?That`s for you to decide.
From now until Monday morning at 3AM ET/12 AM PT there will be another poll.This one will decide how their posts will be done.You can pick between individual posts for both or one giant post with pics of both ladies.
Tonight,as part of Anniversary Weekend,the post will focus on the best close-ups of celeb legs and feet in black opaque tights.Expect the four remaining poll choices as well as almost every celebrity on this blog(other than Ms.Alba and Ms.Swift)to appear on this post.
Until then,here`s a brand new addition to the blog to start this two post day...Parker Posey

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