Monday, October 12, 2015

AnnaSophia Robb`s Legs and Feet in Tights 5

I normally do pics with solid opaque(or sheer black)tights as I prefer those styles of hosiery.But these pics were way,way,way too good not to feature on the blog.
I also might add these pics come from an episode from the television series The Carrie Diaries.As I post this,the full episode is currently on YouTube.However,since full episodes of TV shows usually don`t last long on YouTube,I`m not including a link to the video since it may or may not still be there depending on when you see this.But for those interested,the name of the episode these pics come from is titled "Hush,Hush" and the scene in question starts at the 7:04 mark(although this may vary whether you watch it on YouTube or a video streaming service that has ads appear throughout the video.It is early on in the episode,so you won`t have to wait long to see it)
Here`s AnnaSophia Robb returning to the blog,with a ton of close-ups of her feet in tights

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