Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogs are Back!

You probably have been wondering where the blogs have been since early Friday morning.
Around 12:00 AM early Friday,one of my friends contacted me to let me know his father-in-law had a heart attack(he thankfully survived).Normally,whenever crisis arises with loved ones or friends,I temporarily close my account as I usually want to focus my attention on what is going on with them.
So,I offered to help him and his wife out by getting them groceries and running errands for them as their main priority was being with his dad(as it appeared he would not survive the first day or so).They are also expecting a child in March and I`m certain the stress would not be good for her pregnancy.
But fortunately,his dad began to show signs of improvement over the weekend,and if he continues to get better,he should be home before the end of the week/beginning of next week.Thus,my friend and his wife were able to relax a bit and come home for awhile.With that in mind,I decided to relaunch my account and continue things as normal,with an explanation as to the reason the blogs went dark.However,my computer,which has been on borrowed time(especially since I stupidly decided to upgrade to Windows 10),finally decided to crap out on me,meaning I lost everything,including saved pics for future posts.
I bought a new computer today(a better one too).I have just now been able to get it going as I have had to work a double shift.Since I had polls going on at the time,I am going to upload all three posts of the winning celeb/diva/theme on Thursday.I will be announcing the winners in the next posts.I`ll also be doing the polls with past winners this Friday.
I also have another friend(whom I know face-to-face) who I plan to giving author duties to.What that means is,whenever I have to take a break from the blogs(and YouTube),he will fill in for me.He knows exactly what to do and how to do it,and he`s rather enthusatic about getting to show his stuff(there`s a shot he might contribute a post this weekend).That way,things can continue as normal without me closing everything.
I should add he has his own email address,which means anytime he fills in and you have a request,send it to him.He will do his best to meet your request:)
So,everything appears to be back in order with the blogs and I will posting new stuff very shortly.Hopefully,with the new computer and a new co-author,things can go uninterrupted no matter what happens:)
Best wishes to all and stay tuned for new posts

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