Friday, November 20, 2015

Ariana Grande`s Legs and Feet in Tights 7

A quick note
There may not be a poll this Sunday as I will be working almost nonstop from Friday-Sunday(I work in retail)as the holiday shopping season will be starting up.I`ll go more into detail about how the posting schedule over Thanksgiving weekend will work on Monday.
Here`s the first of three posts for poll winner Ariana Grande(the next one will be the second post of the day tomorrow).She`s in tan tights for this post,and there`s not much that needs to be said about the final close-up shot:)


  1. Wauw i am having a stiff cock as big as her arm from her pantyhose, i like to thrust my big shaft in her!!

  2. Ariana Grande's perfectly sexy legs look best in suntan pantyhose! My God do I want her!

  3. To sum Ariana and her perfect feet in tights. I pretty much cum every time I see them and that’s incredible, she’s petite and just has the best legs and feet in tights in the world

  4. She is so f-ing hot! I wish I was smashing her.