Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sally Struthers` Legs and Feet in Tights

NOTE-I was just notified(about fifteen minutes ago)that I will be needed to fill in for a co-worker tomorrow in addition to my normal shift.Therefore,I wouldn`t get home until around late afternoon/early evening.Therefore,this post,which was set to go up in the afternoon,is going up now as a special bonus post.There will still be a post tomorrow evening around 6-8PM ET.
One of the things I`ve learned over the past year of doing this blog is that you never know which celebs will be a big hit with readers.
Case in point...last week I did a vintage post that featured Sally Struthers(found here)as one of the featured ladies.Since then,I have received several requests for a solo Sally Struthers post.
Here it is...I particularly like the first image since it looks like she`s pointing at her tights-encased legs and feet:)


  1. She`s pointing at her feet because she wants to give a pantyhose footjob

  2. Sally Struthers looks so fucking sexy in pantyhose.Would love to cum all over her

  3. Her leggs look so phucking gorgeous!!! Need a good coat of white cream!!!