Sunday, May 20, 2018

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights Poll Choices(5/20/18-5/25/18)

NOTE-OK,apparently Blogger has dropped the poll function for some reason(and I`m now just finding it out).Therefore,I`m going to put the poll for this post on my Google Plus page.I will post a link to it shortly after all blogs are updated.
Here is the poll.Voting will end at 11AM ET Friday morning
This week`s choices...
                                               Going for weekend No.1...Leona Lewis

                                                 Going for weekend No.2...Hilary Duff

                                                  Going for weekend No.3..Rachel Bilson

                                                     Going for weekend No.4..Paris Hilton

                                                Going for weekend No.5...Jessica Alba

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